Thousand Drums in Valparaiso 2016

… We celebrate with conscience … Reciclapp present in these Thousand Drums 2016 ?? All aware and recycle ?? help to recyclers then we can have in Valparaiso a cleaner and sustainable festival ♻?✔️


Firework over the bay of Valparaiso

…Firework over the bay of Valparaiso to celebrate chileans birthday and the aniversary 480 of Valparaiso at 17th of September 09:30 pmimage003-1


It is a city of particular character in the South American continent. Located in the south meridian in Central Chile 33.5 120 km. Northwest of the capital Santiago in front of the Pacific Ocean.

The city of 300,000 has a mild Mediterranean climate. Colorful houses are distributed over numerous hills rearing up on streets and passages and which is reached by endless stairs and high lifts.

This unique architectural heritage is now a World Heritage Site – inscribed by UNESCO.


We recommend these hostels for shop trips from Valparaiso

Isla negra – Hostal La Conexión del Poeta

Cajón del Maipo – Refugio Lagunillas  Mobile +5698987873

Pichilemu – Pichilemu Surf Hostel

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  1. Ein Feuerwerk über der Bucht von Valparaíso zum Auftakt des Nationalfeiertages und 480 jährigen Bestehen der Stadt am 17. September um 21:30 hrs.


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