How to find us?

How to find us

Casa Aventura is located in the historic district of “Cerro Alegre/ Cerro Concepción”. This neighbourhood was colonized by European immigrants during the 19th century. Today it is popular as an artists’ and students’ quarter.

You can take a taxi from the front of the bus terminal or a local bus.

Take any local bus that says ADUANA in front of the bus terminal. After approx.10 min. get off at the Shell gas station (two blocks before PLAZA SOTOMAYOR). Follow Calle URRIOLA uphill to where Calle ALVARO BESA branches to the right. Take the Steps on the left side of Urriola (PASAJE GALVEZ). The first door on the left, N° 11, is our hostel.

Hostel Casa Aventura

Pasaje Galvez 11 Cerro Concepción – Valparaíso

Description how to get from the airport to the hostel:

How to get from the airport to the hostel: To get from the airport to the hostel – come to Valparaiso. You take the airport bus (it says “Central Airport” or “Tur Bus”) leading toward the center of the city of Santiago and then on the first metro station called “Small birds” (translated as “little bird”), goes. You can not enter a bus, which travels to Valparaiso – in 15-minute intervals a bus to Valparaiso. After 1 hour and 40 min. for you, then here in Valparaiso. At the bus station there are taxis that can take you to the hostel. Important! At the airport in Santiago, there are many taxi or minibus, offering direct transport to Valparaiso, but they charge 5 times more than the bus. In total the bus ride costs no more than 15,000 pesos (30 Dollars) from the airport to the hostel..