House Rules


You’ve arrived at Hostel Casa Aventura.

Once you’ve checked in, the receptionist will hand you your keys and show you your bed and locker.Keep your passport and anything of value there. Please remember that this is a shared bedroom and only use your assigned space.

In the kitchen you can use the dishes, posts and pans to prepare your food. After washing everything,
please put it on its place. Label your things in the refrigerator with your name and use the plastic bins to store your food in the cubby of your choice.

At our reception desk we offer telephone service. You can use it to make local, national and international calls, connecting to regular phones or cell phones. For those who carry personal computers, the hostel has a Wifi Zone.

After showering, please leave the showers tidy. The washing machine is for the private use of the hostel only. If you’d like to smoke you may use the stairway outside, in front of the hostel. Always leave the doors shut and please don’t open when the doorbell rings, the receptionist will attend new arrivals.

Breakfast is served between 08:30 am and 11:00 am in the dining area. You can also use this space to eat lunch, read or share with fellows travellers until 23:00 pm.

Check out times is at 12:00 (noon). If you’d like to make a last trip around Valparaiso before leaving, we can store your luggage in our storage room. We hope that during your stay in Valparaiso you can get a sense of its building, history, ocean and people. We hope that your visit leaves you with good memories.

Have a great stay and visit us again, you know where to find us.